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JCM MED is composed of a team of experimented professionals with one goal: to manufacture and market high quality sterile medical devices at reasonable prices. This is achieved through an ability to identify the best components and establish partnerships.

What is at stake is customer's satisfaction as much as a long-term social and economical project which is meant to establish the companies’ international renown in its sector.
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Our general policy takes into account market data as well as regulatory aspects and our commitment is therefore to:

-implement and maintain the efficiency of a quality management system that conforms to the EN ISO 13 485: 2003 norm.

-meet the requirements of the CE 93/42 directive dd June 14, 1993 covering the CE mark of our products and maintain the surveillance of incidents and incident's risks that may result from the use of the sterile medical devices after their launch on the market.

Since our quality policy must be adapted to our organization, we regularly carry out reviews in order to verify its adequacy to our needs.

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Our Quality Policy
-To maintain and improve the quality of our products and services

-To maintain and improve the quality of our suppliers..

-To maintain and improve our customer's satisfaction and the safety of our products..

-To gain international acknowledgment.
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